Oui Love Books

About Oui Love Books

Learn more about Oui Love Books and the author behind it, Ethan Safron.

Ethan Safron , author of the Oui Love Books series

Ethan Safron, author of the Oui Love Books series

About Oui Love Books

Oui Love Books is a series of French-language children's books made for an American audience. The core belief behind Oui Love Books is that the beauty and elegance of the French language should be shared with children from all backgrounds, regardless of their native tongue. Titles in the collection aim to connect the familiar (sports, fashion, food, animals) with the unfamiliar (French, naturally!).

Ethan Safron, an American-born francophone, is the author of the Oui Love Books series and the founder of Odéon Livre, a Chicago-based French-language publisher. He is also the author of this description and feels awkward about writing in the third person.